War, what is it helpful for? Absolute fun and profit, that’s what it’s good for! If your childhood was anything like mine, you played the card video game War frequently. One day the casino officers got up and chose to bring this popular card video game to the gambling establishment.

In Las Vegas, War was a side video game. If a casino had it, the video game was given one table spot in the pit. Fortunately, online gambling establishments aren’t restricted to flooring space which’s why most online gambling establishments have War.

Okay, I’m not going to presume you understand how to play, so I’ll begin at the start.

War is bet the dealership. If you’re playing it online, it will just be you at the table. In reality, there might be other players, but everybody is betting the dealer.

War is had fun with one deck of cards and the deck is shuffled after every hand. Your goal is to beat the dealer. It’s a basic video game. You get one card and the dealer gets one card. You desire your card to be higher than the dealership’s card.

In War, the cards rank like this: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

Okay, it’s called War and war is what we want. If your card matches (in rank) the card the dealer gets, you’ve got a prospective war. I state potential, because you can fold if you feel anxious.

I do not recommend folding. Why? Well, if you’re not fighting, why play the game. Truthfully, the fold option makes no sense. It’s just there to take advantage of the suckers. I mean think of it. The deck is fresh. Two cards are out. You and the dealership have the exact same cards. Why in the world would you fold?

Instead, your relocation is to double your wager (needed to remain in the hand) and see what takes place. It’s similar to the timeless game. 3 cards are put face down on each hand and a 4th card is placed face up. If your fourth card is greater than the dealer’s fourth card, you win. If not, you lose. It’s as basic as that.

There’s no thinking in this game. It’s an enjoyable game to kick back to. You position your wager, get a card and win, lose or go to war. The payout is always even money no matter how you win.

In fact, war can be a true blessing. It’s the only method you can increase your original wager.

Example Hand:

You put a $5 bet. The dealership gets a 7 and you get a 7. You decide to stay in and go to war, so you place an extra $5 wager-$10 overall now. You and the dealership get 3 down cards and a fourth up card. The dealership reveals a 6 and you reveal a 10. You win and are immediately paid $10.